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For the Life-Long-Security of your Self, your-Life-Style & your-Love-Ones.

: Dream-Big & Sleep-Well.

: Listen-In with the Audio: Postmaster/Teacher: Paul-Douglas: Jubenville as a Guest-Speaker on a Chief’s-Patreon-Call.


: Listen-In with the Audio: Syntax-Teacher: Paul-Douglas: Jubenville as a Guest-Speaker on a  Postmasters’-Basics-Call.

Paul's Joy-Close-up


~0 For the Beginner’s-Syntax-Course of the Authorize-Syntax-Teacher IS with the send of a[n] [e]mail-message with the location: [email protected] by the postmaster/learner.

~1 For the Qualification of the Learner’s-Course-Buy IS with the Learner’s-Possession of their Life-Claim with the Course-Terms & Conditions-Concurrence by the Learner/Participant.

~2 For the Purchase of a Life-Claim, Step-~7-Mechanics & Bridge-Pass, CLICK-HERE.

~3 For the Social-Forum of the P.-H.-O.-E.-N.-I.-C.-S.-Website IS with the Coming-Soon by the Content-Creators.

~4 For a ~60-Minute-Meeting with the Teacher, Click-Here.

~5 For a ~30-Minute-Meeting with the Teacher, Click-Here.

~6 For the New-Postmasters’-Next-Steps, Join-Here: POSTMASTERS’-BASIC, CLICK-HERE.

~7: Join with the cheif’s-patreon, here.

~8: Watch-the-Documentary: LAST-FLAG-STANDING, Here.

~9: Watch-the-Film: PIERCING-DYNASTY, Here.

~10: Watch-the-YouTube-Series: WAR-CASTLES, Here.

~11: Watch: RENO-SEMINAR-Videos at the Bottom of the WAR-CASTLES-YOUTUBE-CHANNEL, HERE.

~12:  Watch-Closure on the CANADA-CONSTITUTION-TREATY, Here.