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For the Security of your Self, Familee & Career in the Commercial-World.


: Dream-Big & Sleep-Well.

: Listen-in on the Paul-Douglas: Jubenville-Audio during a Talk as a Guest-Speaker on the Chief’s-Patreon-Call.


Listen-in on the Paul-Douglas: Jubenville-Audio as a Guest-Speaker during a Postmaster’s-Basic-Call with the Host: Jessica-Marie: Carney.


: Here’s-that-Audio-File.

: Greetings for the Quantum-Venue-Learners.

For a NEW- SELF-STUDY-COURSE of the SYNTAX-LEARNING IS with the Purchase-Vailability during the ~1-JULY-~2022 with the Start-Date of the ~4-~July-~2022 with the ~3-Day-reScission by the Global-Life-Claimants at the Start

: VOID-WAIT! For the Learner-Limit at the Course-Start IS with the ~30-Life-Claimant-Students by the Tutor’s-Current-Schedule/Vailability.

For a Two-Hundred-American-Dollar-Fee, Self-Learn of the Syntax-Skills at a Pace of your Creation with the Use of my New-Video-Series-Syntax-Course with the Two-Levels of the Self-Learning, Video-Homework and Test-Checking.

: Join with the Syntax-Teacher’s-Telegram-Group for your Territory on your Phone or Computer and Pose of your Questions in the Group-Forum.

~0 For the Closure of the C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G.-P.-Flag, Neutrality-Venue, Follow of the Steps in the Sequence-Below.

~1 For the Closure of the C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G.-P.-FLAG, Watch of the Last-Flag-Standing-Documentary-Film at this Link:

~2 For the Historical-‘Why-the-Need’ of a Commercial-System for a Self-Governing-People, Watch of the Whole-~10-Episodes of the ~WAR-CASTLES-Series, Starting at the War-Castles-~1-Video near the Bottom of the List at this YouTube-Channel-Link:

~3 For the Closure of the C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G.-P.-FLAG-VENUE-CREATION-DOCUMENTS, Watch of the three-RENO-SEMINAR-VIDEOS at the Bottom of the ~WAR-CASTLES-YouTube-Channel:

~4 For the Closure on the CANADA-CONSTITUTION-TREATY, Watch of this Video-Link: